3 simple tips to stop jumping

You had a tough day. You have the mail in one hand and your bag in the other. Then you are greeted by a jumping pooch.

Well, hello there! Does your dog jump on you when he greets you? Even though most pet parents enjoy the adoration they receive when their dog jumps up to greet them face to face, most do not like the experience of their dog’s Freddy Krueger nails scratching them.

Dog’s jump for a variety of reasons, mostly it is to greet you or to get your attention. Whatever the reason, you will want to stop your dog from jumping. It might be cute in the beginning when he is a puppy to have him jump all over you, but when he grows into an adult that weighs a lot more, that cute little jump may soon resemble the feeling of being hit by Mike Tyson!

These three tips will help you stop your dog from jumping on you.

Don’t acknowledge him

When your dog jumps on you, don’t say a word and turn your back to your dog. Do not acknowledge him in any way, not even to tell him to stop. After several times of this happening, he will realize that his jumping doesn’t provide him with the response he is looking for.

stop dog from jumping

Acknowledge good behavior

As soon as your dog has all four paws on the floor, praise him, pet him or reward him with a treat. This will make it clear that when he has his paws on the floor and isn’t jumping is when he gets rewarded. It is wise to keep a few treats handy near the doorway of your home so as soon as you enter you have easy access to them in order to reward your dog quickly. He will want to continue the behavior that gets him attention and treats.

how to keep your dog from jumping

Train your dog to sit near the front door

Train your dog to sit when the door bell rings and when people enter the door. This will be beneficial for when you and your family come home and for when visitors arrive.

You can practice these techniques by creating brief training sessions and pretending to return home as your dog awaits your arrival. You can also ask your family and friends to help out by coming over for a brief visit.

stop dog from jumping

The more you practice with your dog the quicker the jumping will stop. Soon that little angel that you know is hiding inside of your adorable pup will appear and you can say goodbye to Freddy Krueger.

Rich Cordero