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Sweet Spot

2-in-one Tug Toy

Device is for small to medium sized dogs; (non-aggressive)
hauling a crate around; in and out of the car is a hassle Always
restrain your pet when in the car and mount a SweetSpot to the left or right,
Carabiners and staps can hang all types of toys, placing them in the “sweetspot”
for your dog to reach.


Cat Tail Toys

Artisan Cat Toys

Delightfully attractive, durable toys provide a stimulating
experience to nurture the feline-human bond.
Cat Tail Toys creates beautiful centerpieces for any
cat-friendly residence or retail location.

Pet Kiss

Pet Kiss Clear

Pet Kiss Clear is an odorless tasteless, all-natural, oral
cleansing water additive. Developed for the pickiest of pets,
it helps remove plaque and tartar and freshens breath. No
brushing is required. Simply add to drinking water daily.



Cooling Wraps

Stay active with Coolaid Pet Cooling Technology that
wicks moisture into the garment and controls the rate of
evaporation. Comfortable and easy-to-use products are
patented, chemical free and machine washable.


Pet Bathing Tool

Aquapaw has innovated bathtime with the world’s first
combination sprayer and scrubber to de-shed as you wash.
It cleveryly turns on or off by making a fist, while greatly
reducing spraying water—making baths happier for all.


Safe & Non-Toxic Support

Designed for muscle or joint distress, CanineActiv® delivers
rapid comfort without side effects. Promotes your dog’s
natural healing process and anti-inflammatory response.
Available for all dog sizes and made in the USA.


P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

American Classic Toys

Playing with your food is always a good idea, and now all
your favorite foods are dog-friendly with American Classic
plush toys. Pups love these eco-friendly, tasty-looking toys
with exciting squeaks, crinkles and detachable parts.


Hot & Cold Pet Beds

Cool your dog easily this summer with these convenient,
durable, crate-sized pet beds. Inside are removable,
reusable Pet Therapy Gel Packs that can be used frozen or
heated. Packs are non-toxic and USA made.


The Hood Sweater

Stride comfortably in team spirit with ruggedly stylish
sweaters, jackets and jerseys decked out in your dog’s
favorite NHL® team. Authentically designed from breathable
and nontoxic materials with an easy leash connection.

Smallbatch Pet Food Co.

Frozen Raw Patties

This family-owned company brings humanely raised
meats, organic produce and pure supplements to dogs and
cats. Biologically appropriate diets and healthy treats are
sourced in the USA and made in the Pacific Northwest.

Gaia Inc.

Traction Magic

Tread safely with granules that form a stable non-slip surface
on ice, snow, concrete, saw wood, brick, pavers and stone.
It’s quick absorbing, salt-free and works at any temperature
without harming pets, people, property and the planet.

Gaia Inc.

Safe Paw Ice Melter

Safely melt ice without harming pets, people, property or
the planet as salt-free crystals quickly penetrate ice. Salt
melts from the top down, while Safe Paw melts from the
ground up for a quicker melting with safe chemistry for all.

Les Poochs

Luxury Grooming

Top-of-the-line shampoos, crème rinses and fragrances
formulated with only the best ingredients for your best
friend, with an exclusive line of brushes that are heralded
for their breakthrough technology and innovative design.




This stylish habitat features a cozy interior and a scratchable
exterior to delight your cats and furniture. Also available,
KatKabin, with a smooth weatherproof surface suitable for
outdoors. Choose from a range of colors to suit your home.

2 Dogs Treats

Single Ingredient Treats

2 Dogs Treats are made with just one, single human-grade
ingredient so you’ll never have to worry about what’s on
their back label. They’re always made fresh and free of
preservatives or fillers. Made and sourced in the USA.


Fleece Coats & Bowties

Super cozy, double-lined fleece will keep your dog warm
and dry. An easy on-and-off design slips over the head to
attach with a military-grade nylon waistband. Coats,
skirt coats and bowties come in dozens of adorable prints.


Merriview Hill


Poop happens. PoopChute is the organizing dispenser that
keeps all your poop bags together, so you’re always just a
step away from going outside to play. Catch the officially
licensed NFL edition with 4 free rolls of Endzone PoopBags.

Pet Smoochie

Smoochies Catnip Stickers

With these special catmojis you can make a mundane
object enticing to your cat, or add more excitement to any
toy. Smoochies Catnip Stickers are coated with fine organic
catnip and will stick to any surface, without making a mess.

Raised Right

Human-Grade Whole Food

This family owned company works with Dr. Karen Becker
to make whole food recipes for dogs and cats with limited
ingredients. Every single batch is lab safety tested and the
lab results are posted on their website for everyone to see.


iDig Digging Toy

iFetch helps pups live happy, healthy lives through
interactive play. Introducing their newest toy design, a
positive outlet for dogs’ innate desire to dig. Hide toys or
treats within the flaps and let the burrowing begin.


Mama T’s Pet Products

Pet Therapy CBD Oil

Mama T’s created a special blend of CBD oil just for pets,
comprising of organically grown full spectrum hemp
blended with wild salmon oil, avocado oil and vitamin E
to promote health and wellness in your furry friend.

The Original mine™ Pet Platter

Natural Feeding Territory

Platter design returns pets to the natural way they are
meant to eat. Stimulates healthy instincts to hunt, forage
and lick, while solving eating issues caused by traditional
bowls. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free and 100% USA.

CocoChew LLC

CocoChew & CocoBall

Inspired by stray dogs on the beaches of Hawaii, CocoChew
is an all natural dog toy company that uses eco-friendly
coconut husk with dental benefits. Both rope and ball toys
are made from 100% sustainably sourced coconut fibers.

The Absorber®

Dog Lover’s Towel™

Simply wring it out as you’re drying and continue using.
No matter if your dog is big or small, one towel dries them
all. When done, shake off the dog hair and toss it in the
washing machine. Customers have called it magical.

Bernie’s Best

Bernie’s Perfect Poop

The ultimate digestion support supplement for dogs
thoughtfully combines premium fibers, prebiotics,
probiotics and enzymes to heal your dog’s gut. High fiber
grass bits are easy to serve and help your dog feel its best.


Dental Care Water Additive

Fresh Breath for cats and dogs is the easy peasy way to
solve bad breath, fight tartar and promote healthy gums —
just add it to their water. Made from the best ingredients,
Oxyfresh is non-toxic and made in the USA.


Pawsitively Approved by JSG Oceana

Glass Pet Dishes

This spill-proof pet bowl, designed and manufactured in
the USA, is made of 100% non-toxic Borosilicate glass—
durable, non-porous and non-leaching. Available in a
variety of lustre colors with customized etching.


Cat DNA Test

Basepaws is the first-ever consumer DNA test that can tell
you about your cat’s ancestry, breed and ultimately their
health and traits. With this one simple test you will unearth
a lifetime of discovery. Know your cat, inside and out.


Pet Identity Tags

MyFamily, founded in Italy by jewelers, has revolutionized
the concept of pet identification tags by transforming them
into objects of design. All tags are hand-enamelled, perfect
down to the smallest detail, and ready to be personalised.

Buddy Belts

Buddy Belt Harness

This comfortable harness fits around the front legs and
fastens over the back with just one buckle. A unique design
safely hugs your dog’s chest. Stay stylish with a range of
sizes and colours to choose from. Proudly Canadian.


Side By Side

Whole Food Nutrition

Side by Side believes in the healing power of whole food
nutrition. With a variety of all natural, complete and
balanced recipes, treats, toppers and supplements they’re
on a mission to help pets live longer… one bite at a time.


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