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Fresh Breath Oral Care

An easy peasy way to solve pesky dog and cat bad breath,
fight tartar and promote healthy gums — just add it to their
water. From a brand that uses only the best ingredients,
always non-toxic and made in the USA.

Precious Metal Prints

Pet Nose Pendants

Capture a moment and keep your best friend close to you
forever. Individually handcrafted in silver or gold vermeil,
custom pet nose pendants make a great gift for
the pet lover in your life. Made in the USA.

The Absorber®

Dog Lover’s Towel

Simply wring it out as you’re drying and continue using.
No matter if your dog is big or small, one towel dries them
all. When done, shake off the dog hair and toss it in the
washing machine. Customers have called it magical.


Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

Let BrilliantPad do the dirty work of sealing and replacing soiled pads for you. As the first self-cleaning dog potty, it handles number one and two, then automatically wraps and seals waste to keep your home clean and odor-free.

The Original mine™ Pet Platter

Natural Feeding Territory

Platter design returns pets to the natural way they are
meant to eat. Stimulates healthy instincts to hunt, forage
and lick, while solving eating issues associated with
traditional bowls. Plus it’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free and
made in the USA.

Les Poochs

Luxury Grooming

Top-of-the-line shampoos, crème rinses and fragrances
formulated with only the best ingredients for your best
friend, with an exclusive line of brushes that are heralded
for their breakthrough technology and innovative design.


iDig Digging Toy

iFetch helps pups live happy, healthy lives through
interactive play. Introducing their newest toy design, a
positive outlet for dogs’ innate desire to dig. Hide toys or
treats within the flaps and let the burrowing begin.


Nerds Collars

Calling all geeks! These scalable collars fit a range of
neck sizes, each with a protective layer of satin that
protects your dog from rubbing and chaffing sores. Choice
of 1 or 1½ inch width and Martingale or Side Release style.

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

American Classic Toys

Playing with your food is always a good idea, and now all
your favorite foods are dog-friendly with American Classic
plush toys. Pups love these eco-friendly, tasty-looking toys
with exciting squeaks, crinkles and detachable parts.


High Grade Organic Catnip

If your cat is a true catnip aficionado then they will love all-natural organic catnip buds—grown in the USA and harvested at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production to give your cat the best high you can buy.



This stylish habitat features a cozy interior and a scratchable exterior to delight your cats and furniture. Also available, KatKabin, with a smooth weatherproof surface suitable for outdoors. Choose from a range of colors to suit your home.


Pet Bathing Tool

Aquapaw has innovated bathtime with the world’s first
combination sprayer and scrubber to de-shed as you wash.
It cleveryly turns on or off by making a fist, while greatly
reducing spraying water—making baths happier for all.

Beer Paws

Craft Beer & Biscuits

Treat your best drinking buddy to high-protein, high-fiber
snacks and a tasty (alcohol-free) brew made just for dogs.
Beer Paws Beer Biscuits and Beer for Dogs are proud to be
made in the USA and in partnership with local breweries.


Safe & Non-Toxic Support

Designed for muscle or joint distress, CanineActiv® delivers
rapid comfort without side effects. Promotes your dog’s
natural healing process and anti-inflammatory response.
Available for all dog sizes and made in the USA.

Buddy Belts

Buddy Belt Harness

This comfortable harness fits around the front legs and
fastens over the back with just one buckle. A unique design
safely hugs your dog’s chest. Stay stylish with a range of
sizes and colours to choose from. Handcrafted in Toronto.

HandsOn Grooming®

HandsOn® Gloves

Discover a new connection between you and your animals.
Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while providing a
more thorough and enjoyable bathing, grooming and
shedding experience. New colors and sizes available.

L.Ritz Sphirit

Verde Canino Shampoo

Made from fresh, high quality herbal sources,
Verde Canino Shampoo and Conditioner in One leaves
your pet’s fur soft, shiny and easy to detangled while also
supplying important nutrients to maintain healthy skin.

Big Dog Chains

Stainless Steel Collars

Luxury dog collars like none other are made by professional jewellers using marine grade stainless steel to hold up to the largest dogs in the world. Featuring a patent pending clasp, lifetime warranty and free resizing policy.



This customizable cat tree adapts to your cat’s needs
and your home décor. Begin with the Starting Kit
(three kubes and accessories) and add more as you go
along. New add-ons and patterns available each season.

Back on Track

Wellness Coats

Coats designed to reflect your dog’s own body energy contain Welltex® material, creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect, which can help alleviate discomfort associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints.


PetWISP Pet Broom

Equipped with short, dense 90° angle electrostatic bristles that collect pet hair (and everything else). This pet broom works efficiently with an easy push-pull action, keeping hair from circulating in the air. Six inch MiniWISP also available.

PetzLife Products

Complete Oral Care

Naturally remove plaque and tartar, reverse gum disease
and freshen pet breath without brushing. Products are
guaranteed and widely recommended by vets since 2003.


i’m Gismo™ Walking Device

Say hello to the first dog walking device that holds
your leash plus connectibles—a flashlight, a dual leash
holder and treat container. i’m Gismo™ is here to improve
and simplify your dog walking experience, making it a joy!


Hot & Cold Pet Beds

Cool your dog easily this summer with these convenient,
durable, crate-sized pet beds. Inside are removable,
reusable Pet Therapy Gel Packs that can be used frozen or
heated. Packs are non-toxic and USA made.

Bella & Beau

Charmed Dog Collars

Each moment you share creates a memory. That’s what
Bella & Beau is all about, with beautiful beads and charms
to tell your story. With a bracelet for you and a collar for
your pet, you can both wear moments of shared joy.

Miso Pup

Interchangeable Carrier

In a patented design, an airline-approved carrier for pets and a functional outer shell for yourself are used separately or together. Pets travel in their own familiar bag, reducing stress and anxiety, while parents carry them in style.

Cozy Cama

Pillow Sized Pet Furniture

Gorgeous beds decree new levels of quality and durability
with responsibly sourced hardwoods and metals.
Familiar human pillow sizing ensures a calm resting place
for your best friend, effortless maintenance and less waste.


Blue Hydrobal

Where aesthetic and function meet, you’ll find Petprojekt’s
new Hydrobal, a fun floating toy that’s durable and
available in a range of modern colors and shapes. Discover
eco and pet friendly products with an emphasis on fun.

Cozy Cuddlerz

Cozy Pet Beds

Attractively designed beds give your pet an excellent
balance of comfort and support. High quality fabrics and
neutral colors easily blend into your home. Beds are filled
with 100 percent recycled fibers and are machine washable.

Curry n Pepper

Ayurveda Wellness

Ayurveda outlines three principle energy forces known as
Dosha— Vata, Pitta and Kapha, of which dogs have in a
unique proportion. Create mind-body-spirit balance for
optimal health with food, treats and grooming products.


Fleece Coats & Bowties

Super cozy, double-lined fleece will keep your dog warm
and dry. An easy on-and-off design slips over the head to
attach with a military-grade nylon waistband. Coats,
skirt coats and bowties come in dozens of adorable prints.

Happy Hands Happy Dogs®

Knots of Fun Toys

Our colorful, braided interactive play toys are 100% USA made and provide hours of tugging and training fun. Wash them. Freeze them. Float them. Dog tested and owner approved; buy something nice for your best friend.


Cooling Wraps

Stay active with Coolaid Pet Cooling Technology that
wicks moisture into the garment and controls the rate of
evaporation. Comfortable and easy-to-use products are
patented, chemical free and machine washable.

Groom Ninja™

Groom Shed Clean

Like a master. A carbon blade and an ergonomic Poplar
wood handle easily removes loose fur, dirt and dander.
Groom Ninja even works on upholstery and carpet.
Made in the USA and 100% guaranteed to work. Pets love it.

My Pet Pail

My Pet Pail

The ultimate compact pet gear carrier contains deep
dishwasher safe bowls, leakproof bottles, waste bag
dispenser, and removable lid for home use. Includes a real
collar and leash that double as handle and shoulder strap.

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